• You already know her
  • Thousands of CEOs trust her
  • Millions hear her voice every day ...
  • ... and so do your customers

The Voice of Business since 1985, Lorraine Nelson IS The Voice of Voicemail. Now you can choose the STANDARD U.S. ENGLISH Voice for your company’s voicemail and communications services.

Some of Our Clients

  • cnbc
  • avaya
  • credit suisse
  • master card
  • att

What the Media Says...

Lorraine Nelson welcomes millions of office and other workers to voice-mail systems every day worldwide.
south china morning post logo
South China Morning Post
Avaya claims that there are more than 100 million of its voice-mail boxes in use worldwide. And each one comes pre-programmed with that recorded announcement in the sonorous tone of Lorraine Nelson.
fast company logo
Fast Company
Workers in 5,000 corporations who hear her ever-so-slightly breathless voice every day.
the new york times
The New York Times
I have been hearing a lot of Ms. Nelson’s sonorous tone, which actually prompted me to write this. And for your information I have been job hunting.
Unequal Halves
...when I heard that Audrey Audix otherwise known as Lorraine Nelson will be the voice behind a bunch of CNBC Larry Kudlow ads, I thought it was great news. Congrats to Audrey/Lorraine and CNBC for choosing a great voice for their ad campaign.
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news media
Americans hear her voice 100 million times a day
Lorraine Nelson’s voice is probably the one most people have heard... her voice is eternally 47.
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American Way
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