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The talent behind the Voice of Voicemail belongs to Lorraine Routh Nelson, aka Audrey Audix, leading the pack in voice messaging for two and a half decades. Now the renowned 'Voice of Voicemail' will represent the system voice for your voicemail, automated attendant, on-hold messaging, or other interactive voice systems. Your company name and automated attendant menu will be heard by your callers in the professional voice heard 'round the world on major voicemail systems.


Wall Street Journal Report - Who is the Voice of Audix?



CNBC promo - Customer Disservice Video Clip


The New York Times Living Arts - January 28, 1991

New York Times

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Professional Voice Services

  • Voice Prompts for phone systems
  • Automated Attendant
  • Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)
  • Human Interface Device
  • On-hold  Messaging
  • VOIP Web Voice Over
  • New Systems using voice instructions
  • GPS Voice Over 


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